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The Tower of London

They say there are three times in your life that you visit the Tower of London; when you are at school, when you have children and when you have grandchildren. But, the Tower is always evolving and there is a constant refreshing of the amazing exhibits within its four walls that encapsulates our nations history and are important to view, by all ages, at any time. As a year, 2020 is no different.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site has almost 1000 years of intriguing tales to tell. Your group will meet the Yeoman Warders, better known as the Beefeaters, marvel at the fabulous finery of the Crown Jewels and discover an unrivalled collection of royal arms and armour in the iconic White Tower, dating back to 1075. They will also be able to explore all the roles this impressive building has had to play throughout the centuries – from medieval palace and fortress to infamous prison and execution site. 

Some suggested highlights are:

Crown Jewels
Like all visitors, your group will marvel at the breath-taking world-famous collection of fabulous finery and regalia, discover gloriously ornate intricately made Crown Jewels and learn how they have inspired acts of greed, violence and even spawned stories of evil curses.

Bloody Tower
Explore the most infamous prison at the Tower of London and learn about the stories that inspired its gruesome name. You will discover the stories of the Princes in the Tower and Sir Walter Raleigh, who spent 13 years there as a prisoner during the reign of James I.

The Ravens Talk
A new baby Raven, called George, was hatched at the Tower in April 2019. Your group could join the Ravenmaster for a 15 minute insight to one of the most famous residents of the Tower. *These talks will be available throughout the year until November 2020.

One free place after 30 paying passengers

Groups 25+ £35.00pp*
*Price based on a concession group, passengers all aged 65+. Any passengers under 65 will incur additional charges.
12:00 Two course lunch at a restaurant close to the Tower of London
14:00 Entry to the Tower of London for your self-guided visit
Departure time flexible
“Fascinating place to visit!”
“One of the most interesting historical attractions in London.”