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Hampton Court Palace

'The Rematch'

Hampton Court Palace offers so much more than an awe-inspiring flamboyant showcase of kingship, being one of the two surviving palaces owned by King Henry VIII. During 2020 groups can immerse themselves in events that celebrate specific historic moments in time at the Palace. 

The Rematch - 23rd to 31st May 2020

Cheer on Henry VIII or Francois I in a replay of the greatest showdown in history. 

500 years ago, Henry VIII and Francois I’s bid to outdo each other ended in a draw. Fresh from the Field of Cloth of Gold summit, join both Kings as they arrive in the palace gardens for a second chance at glory. 

Support your chosen champion from the English and French camps as both Kings compete to up the stakes in everything from jousting, wrestling and foot combat, to courtly dance and quick-wit. Which King will win and how will the loser soothe his bruised ego? 

Party like a Tudor as you dance with courtiers, practise your combat skills and explore Henry’s tent. 

10am – 6pm 

Concession Groups 15+ £16.70pp