The Kray Twins

Following your meal, your Blue Badge Guide will meet you to begin your walking tour. Step into the streets of East London where you will hear about the Kray Twins, the most notorious criminals of the 1960’s, heading an organised underworld empire of protection rackets, violence and murder.

The twins were deeply embedded within the post-war London underworld, and were Kingpins of organised crime, feared for their enforcement of protection rackets, armed robberies, arson attacks and murders, notably the famous dispatching of George Cornell and Jack “The Hat” McVitie. 

This tour will take you behind the scenes of the Krays - see locations where they have been and where murders have taken place and hear stories about the life of these famous criminals.

Groups 20+ £29.50pp
12:30 Two course lunch served with tea or coffee
14:00 Meet your Blue Badge Guide and begin your walking tour
16:00 Depart for home