The Inns of Court

This fascinating day excursion includes an informative and entertaining Blue Badge Guided tour of the Inns of Court, following a delicious two course lunch with a drink.


The Inns of Court are totally unique in ambience and character and there really is nowhere else quite like them in the whole of London, if not in the whole of England.

From the 1300’s lawyers, working in this and the King’s Bench Court (the successor to the curia regis which was created in the late 12th to early 13th century) and the Exchequer Courts, which were also meeting in Westminster, began to settle close by and formed themselves into societies that, as well as teaching law, also offered accommodation, meals and entertainment - thus becoming the “Inns” of the Court. In time, these lawyers, who had the sole right of audience in the higher courts, became known as barristers. 
Although there were initially more Inns of Court, the number was eventually whittled down to just the four that we have today - Lincoln’s Inn, Inner Temple, Middle Temple and Gray’s Inn. The four Inns contain some of London’s most picturesque and tranquil places, and to explore their flag-stoned lanes, hemmed in courtyards, timeless cloisters and ancient buildings, is one of the most amazing experiences imaginable. 

This area is the domain of the wigged and robed English barrister, the World of the law in all its pomp, ceremony, tradition and absurdity. It is an area where custom is rife, and refinement is all. It is an area from which the past has yet to depart, an enchanting enclave to which Charles Dickens’ words that “you can read on its gates ‘who enters here leaves noise behind’” are still as true today as they were when he wrote them in the mid 19th century. 

One free place after 25 paying passengers

*Groups over 35 people will require an additional guide, at an additional cost

Groups 20+ £29.50pp 
(max 35 people)
12:00 Two course lunch with tea/coffee
13:30 Your Blue Badge Guide will meet you at the restaurant to begin your two-hour guided tour
15:30 Tour will finish near a bar so you can grab a drink before departing for home*

* Not included in excursion price