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Body Worlds

Discover the beauty beneath your skin at BODY WORLDS London, the original display of real human bodies, now in its permanent flagship home on Piccadilly Circus. 

A unique fusion of science, art and health education! 

Your group will be able to immerse itself and discover a wide-range of insights into the body and mind, showing what effect lifestyle choices have on general health. This unique experience is both fun, provocative, educational and endlessly fascinating, in equal measures.

Over 47 million visitors globally have been amazed by Dr. Gunther von Hagen’s renowned exhibitions, sparking curiosity and awe around the world. More than 200 anatomical specimens, spread over 6 galleries on 3 floors, will reveal the beauty that lies underneath everyone’s skin.

Your group can expect an exciting and interactive journey through the human body, described by many as ‘mind-blowing’, ‘unforgettable’, even ‘life-changing’.

• Plastination is a process that preserves bodies by replacing body fluids and fat with synthetic materials such as silicone, resins or epoxy polymers. This process was created by Dr. Gunther von Hagen in 1977. 

One free place after 30 paying passengers

Groups 10+ £35.00pp
12:00 Two course fish and chip lunch
14:00 Entry to Body Worlds
Free time to explore the exhibition before departing for home at your leisure

‘I now understand my body so much more. A sensational and very enlightening exhibition’.
Steffi Graff, Champion Tennis Player

‘As a physician, I had hoped to heal one patient at a time, but with BODY WORLDS I have been able to teach preventive medicine to millions’. 
Dr Angelina Whalley, Director of Institute for Plastination, Curator and Creative Director of BODY WORLDS